Welcome to the Endless Wilds!

This is your new campaign homepage. This is a dangerous and fantastic setting, filled with all sorts of wonders (and horrors!). Be careful out there, and have fun. Take a look at the Character tab to add information about your character to share with everyone. There’s a handy editable character sheet there, too, and I would really be happy if you filled it in so I can keep track of all your stuff.

You can also read the adventure log if you missed a session, I’ll recruit one of you crazy kids to keep care of that and fill it up with tales of your adventures.

After that…

take a look at your wiki! There is some more helpful info there about the world and the rules of the game. Actually, do it first. It’s all pretty important.

The other features we have access to are the Items tab, the Adventure log, and your character section!

Remember: I will award you extra Fate chips if you…

  • contribute to the Adventure Log between adventures (bonus if in-character!)
  • post your character and update it as you level up
  • contribute meaningfully during the the previous games’ recap at the session start
  • roleplay your character in a fun and interesting manner
  • The Endless Wilds

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