The Endless Wilds

Case's Journal, Part 4

at the ship, about to head in. ran into some weird stuff. first kraehe got lost, somehow. she wandered off and we set to find her, but we were going in circles. rather, forest was putting us in circles. eventually we found her, and something that she had met: a young girl who lives here, probably a god, or at least something unknown and strange. it agreed to take us to the ship, but asked for something in return. took something from each of us, something within. kokoro gave a chunk of her antlers, apparently contains a bit of her life force. del tigre gave his mustache, kind of hilarious but he was pretty shaken up. cohete lost a year of his life. bold, not sure how i feel about that. and mal gave her a song, clever guy. anyways, i see my chance to shake this goddamn craving, which im beginning to realize is interfering with my free will and thought. dont have time for that shit so i go to give her my derms, but she rejects them, instead reaches in my head and takes something out, something bad. said i had cancer. from the beta? fuckin hope not, because she didn’t take the addiction. about to take some before going into the ship. one last dose couldnt hurt, at least i hope not. because the betas a fuckin necessity, at least for now. its gotten bigger than me and ill need to fuckin sort that out, but not now. guess i shouldnt worry too much though. might not surive the next few hours.

oh, yeah. kraehe gave her ability to love or something. got stuff in return, but not sure what. i guess i can see how a teenage girl like her might wanna get rid of love, especially if theres more to her past than shes told us, but still. i guess i feel sorry for her. because she probably has no idea what it is like.

[The next entry is written a the telltale jittery hand]

still alive. betas in me. got time for a quick entry. so cohete just paid us 200 fuckin mil. split just between tigre, krae, cohete and i, others dont care. unbelieveable. so 50mil. goddamn. life pretty different now, thought i was only gonna get a few thou and was mainly in this just for something to do and to get out of the city. now theres opportunities that before i could only have dreamed of. 50 mil could do a lot for me. pay off my bounty. get linda back.

get linda back. just gotta stay alive, i still need these guys to get me home. shouldnt be a problem though. sharp as a goddamn razor right now.



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