The Endless Wilds

Case's Journal, Part 5

looks like linda and i are still on a bit of a break. did i mention i saw her. and mr. smith. and linda’s got… powers. and i’m going to go save the world and get the girl.

but seriously. unless i hit my head back in the jungle awhile ago and the past few days have just been a beta-addled dream. which might be the case but whatever, at least i got to see linda. she says things have changed. they have. i’ve made more money than either of us could imagine. told her i had enough. but she was being cagey, weird. maybe mana twisted, i dont know. somethings off. gotta get her away from all this, away from mr. smith, gotta get her fixed up.

first, need to give that god back its eye. because it turns out the wilds are consuming the world and thisll take em out for good. saving the world.. dont know what i believe, but i know the only way im going to learn more about linda is if i do what mr. smith says.

being a pawn never used to get to me. in the past i never needed to know who i was getting hooked, who was paying me, who i was killing. i just needed a procedure and a reward. now, though… never before has my insignificance put me in such a fucked up position. i always knew that my employers might off me after a hit just to keep things quiet. but working for mr. smith, healing a god, saving the world… it’s all so much bigger than i am and i feel like if i get stepped on, no body’s gonna notice or care. i feel like if giving an eye back to a god is gonna level everything in a 100km radius, mr smith wouldnt really feel the need to tell us. i guess that could be the paranoia talking, but i think i got reason for thinkin things are a bit fuckin suspicious. mr. smiths got the whole city under this thumb, whole armies of agents, and he chooses to send us. me. maybe im not so insignificant as a i thought. or maybe im still in the jungle with a fuckin dent in my head.

see, guy like mr. smith, he’s untouchable. on a whole nother level, literally. looks down at everyone from his tower. everything is below him. i’ve always dreamed of having a place up high like that, someplace that i could look down on halliwell from. but mr smith, he would always be higher, an unattainable peak. no man aspires to eclipse a god.



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