The Endless Wilds

Case's Journal, Part 6

went shopping. spent most of my wealth on weaponry, including that rocket launcher that nero once tried to steal. man, if they could see me now. millionaire spending it all because hes aint sure hell be alive in a week. really livin the dream.

been trying to keep it cool, though. talked to the captain of our ship, seems trustworthy. seems to be more part of the cohete crowd than the mr. smith crowd, but who fuckin knows.

speaking of cohete, turns out hes jacob. kokoro found the proof of that back in the jungle, surprised she kept shut about it this long. also, cohete/jacob, the captain (al), and that kovacs guy were all on the expedition that picked up the eye in the first place. which makes them way old. not sure what this changes, and it looks we are meant to stay in the dark – found cohete dead in his chambers, something climbed through the window and shot him with his own gun. crew looks clean, too. either a pretty damn good agent or, well, for some reason i aint rulin out mal’s friends from the capitol. shame bout cohete. i never really understood him. still dont know what he was after, what he was planning. maybe he just wanted to bring the eye back to ghet all along. all i know is that hes somehow another piece in this fucked up puzzle.. not that i expect to ever see it completed. i dont give two shits about the goddamn puzzle. im supposed to be in halliwell, sippin drinks on a patio with linda. instead i’m dropping 30 mil on rocket launchers and flame-throwers. heh. well, at least it’s exciting. i can be thankful that no matter how bad shit gets, i’ll always have adrenaline.

it’s hard to tell over the noise of the ship, but it sounds like there’s something coming from outside. be right back.



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