The Endless Wilds

Case's Journal, Final Entry

whole crew cept al is dead. got attacked by high men. all my weaponry gone, but we took their ship and paid mr smith a visit. halliwell was getting fucked. seems the wilds are acting up now, all over the world. its as if they know whats going on and theyre throwing themselves against our walls in one final push. all in. picked up kovacs and we are on the ground now, spiral’s up ahead. linda was gonna come but everyones kinda pissed that she killed cohete. they dont get that smiths behind it all.

but im kinda tired of all that. in all the shit thats happened i realized something. no matter how much money you have, the links themselves dont give a shit. money sits in your bank account just as easily as it spirals down to earth in a flaming airship. money aint never been faithful. and neither really has linda. not that i can blame either of them. we all gotta look out for ourselves. i guess the only really dependable thing i’ve ever had is the 15mm. everything i put it to, it succeeds. every task i give it, it completes with unthinking precision. as we walk towards the downward spiral, i find myself grateful for those things that have stayed faithful, even as i go to what will most likely be my death. theres the 15mm, but theres also those that walk with me. we all want to get out of here alive. i know i can count on them to throw everything they have at whatever stands in our way.

i just hope that it will be enough.



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