The Endless Wilds

Kraehe's journal, entry 1

Written with a fluffy pink pen which, in better days, would have lit up when pressed to paper. Despite the daintiness of the pen, the handwriting on the page is a barely-readable chickenscrawl, with the occasional heart-dotted “i”.

Holy fucking shit.
And I thought pink eye looked bad.

First off, i’m really impressed that i didn’t throw up. so, props to me. almost passed out tonight, though, everyone’s really good at walking for a long time except for me. At least doc cohete seems to notice, and gives me fruit sometimes. apparently it has ‘vitamins’ that will make me ‘feel better’. maybe he really is a doctor.

Seriously though, that wolf thing….it was bad. Real bad. when it came running at us all I wanted to do was run back to the ship and hide in the kitchen forever. and ever. and Kokoro and i would have had slumber parties ALL THE TIME and i could eat all the pancakes and jell-o all day long. now that’s it’s dead, though, I’m glad we’re off that ship. It was getting really boring stealing the same people’s stuff all the time. Except for hiding that fancy guy’s combs in different cereal boxes every morning, I could do that all day. the moon man is frustrating, just cause I can’t take nothing from him cause it’s all stored in his bones or whatever. dumb. he keeps saying stuff i don’t even understand, then closing one eye and smiling. I think the magic from his suit’s starting to get into his blood stream.

I think i hurt my foot from kicking Case so hard. I’ll have to get him back for that. i can’t decide if I should pity him, or if i should definitely avoid him forever. sometimes he even seems like he’s trying to be nice to me, in an awkward tough-guy way. i mean, his gross behaviour could have just been from those drugs…i stole one of those patches from his case this morning and put it on a lizard I found in the woods, it did like 20 laps around me, then ran off and killed a bird. so maybe he’ll be nicer if he stays off the stuff.

Drosselmouser is gaining weight from all the crackers and cheese, and i think he really likes the fresh air. i just feel panicked with all this open space and stuff, whenever everyone else is admiring all the stars at night all I think about is how far away we are from anything that can help us. not that there are many people in the city who would want to help me anyway. besides, it’s boring there. glad I left. i hope no one dies, having friends is pretty cool.



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