The Endless Wilds

Missed Opportunity

Kokoro, Ramen Noodles, WTF

Well, yesterday certainly stirred up my curiosity regarding the mysterious Mr. Case to the umpteenth degree. After shooting some baddies and saving the bold (but silly) Vaquero, the team and I headed back to Haliwell to discuss matters over the eye.

This is where shit. Hit. The. Fan.

So, you see, someone needed to guard the eye while some other seemingly lesser errands were played out, and I being the artifact connoisseur that I am quickly volunteered for this noble position. Case expressed that he would stay as well, but at the last minute changed his mind and followed suit with Kraehee (spelling?), Vaquero, and “Mr. Cohete.” I decided that instead of pissing over the missed opportunity to question Case some more, that I would instead do my best to keep my mouth shut about the precious eye by shoving my gullet full of Ramen noodles. And boy, am I ever bloated now!

The team took forever. I don’t know where the robot went, but he was gone too. I spent my free time trying not to talk to others and practicing how I would announce to the team that Cohete is actually Jacob, varying the stresses of certain syllables and various finger pointing gestures, but nothing seemed to satisfy the gravity of this announcement in my rehearsals.

Fifteen Ramen bowls later, the team showed up again, only to tell me that they discovered a ton of new information, a lot of which directly addressed Case. Then, to make matters worse, the magic robot flew away to question the elusive Mr. Smith on his own, while I had to wallow in my distended stomach of sloshy starch and MSG. I didn’t want to let the team know, but if I hadn’t of been on the verge of charfing up a dog’s breakfast, I would have cried I was so disappointed.

Let’s hope for better in the coming days, as well as the biggest deuce of my life.



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