The Endless Wilds

Case's Journal, Part 1

[You open a small non-existent journal, You know, the kind that doesn’t exist. On the first page, underlined for emphasis, “don’t you fuckin read this” is written. You flip the page. Case’s messy hand appears to have documented an account of each of the individuals he finds himself travelling with. The date corresponds to the day that you set forth out of Halliwell.]

mal’s crazy, this whole thing is crazy, but it’s exciting as hell, havent felt like this since my first hits, been a real lift from the whole linda thing. but yeah mal’s goddamn crazy, i need to learn about his shit, kinda thing he’s got could get me fuckin gilded, magic or not

kokoro… sidhe woman fires this handcannon this size of my forearm like its nothing, real weird girl too, talkin bout puttin shit in museums, i dont even think she carries a wallet or money or anything, dont know what her deal is anyways. fuckin hot though, dont know about the antlers and whatever but shes got enough of whats human to make her pretty damn incredible

little street rat, forget her name, girl needs to get the hell out of our business before she learns her lesson. damn good lifter though, aint never seen shit like she’s done from someone like her, still though she should be nowhere near the crazy shit that seems to be fuckin followin me

doc cohete
a real suave who seems loaded, only connection to employer.

del tigre or something
crazy looking bravado, two swords and a mustache, where is this guy from anyways

half these guys i needa ditch, everything i needa fuckin ditch, but i’ve hopped on a trip to the fuckin wild. killing raiders with the 15mm ain’t the kinda thing i had in mind when i was fixin to bounce, but they havent caught me yet, and now theres a few goddamn crazies to get in between me and them i guess. raiders probably were ordinary, dont think i was their target. first shot with the 15mm was pretty wild, guys head just fuckin disappeared. recoil unsurprisingly low, even when lying on my back shootin at an airship. some of the most fun i’ve ever had, really.

yeah, aint felt like this for awhile, i guess i goddamn enjoy it in the end, not like i can have this forever



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