The World

Imagine a fantastic world in which magic has run a rampant course, destroying most of civilization and leaving the remnants trapped in their crowded cities. Imagine the horrors and wonders that exist outside the high city walls, outside the reach of radio contact and of skyship fuel range. Imagine the kind of people it would take to venture out there, in search of lost treasures and great technologies.

Imagine you are those people.

You are adventuring in the Endless Wilds! Vast tracts of forest, plains, and waters, filled with animals great and small, benevolent and dangerous. Towering trees and sheer blue skies that reach to a distant horizon will stretch out before your feet, your steps yearning to carry you beyond that next hill, that next riverbed, to see what there is to see.

You are a Traveler of the Wilds of Maat, a Hunter of its Wild Gods, and an Explorer of the Lost Cities of the world. Welcome!


This is The World of Maat, a dangerous and wonderful planet, covered in a great swaths of wilderness known as The Wilds. These are dangerous realms, where you will find both death and glory, outside of the Cities, places of rest and succor and intrigue of their own.

Long ago, a great catastrophe befell Maat, known as The Great Bloom. Now, people band together in The Post Bloom World, living in relative but cramped safety in their Cities and Capitals and Settlements.

In the depths of the Wilds, there are places of power so great and terrible that they have been named the Cores, conflagrations of pure mana and creation, pure leftovers of the Bloom. Elsewhere in this world, you will find Other Places of note, many of them not truly as they seem.


People of Maat

Forces of the Wilds

The World

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